Our Life’s Journey

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by Lisa Van Wyk 3 Comments

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Hello sweet one.  Thank you for visiting!  Each month, we’ll explore a theme close to a women’s heart.  Each week we post a new blog based on that monthly theme from various contributors in different seasons of life to make sure you receive the support, guidance, and encouragement YOU need.

This month we are talking about

“Our Life’s Journey”

This is Lisa Van Wyk, Founder of The Sisterhood and Enspire blog.  For me, it’s been a bittersweet journey from my first awakening to this very moment with you now.

Even though I’ve been through enough wildernesses, deserts, and valleys, I wouldn’t exchange my life for any other.  Every trial has brought triumphs, every loss, a gain.  I’ve met life-long friends and have been blessed with the most dysfunctional, yet exciting family ever!  I relish the ironies.  And day in and day out, my sweet Lord and Savior has proven faithful.  So I’m making the best of my life.  It’s the only one I’ve been promised.  I’m making the most of it – for you, for me, for the Lord, and for my family.

This month I’ll share what truths I’ve discovered on my path recently.  I learned:

  • When the journey seems unbearable, Help and Hope is always there.
  • A difficult journey grants the sojourner more experience.
  • Faith saves the sojourner from unwarranted doubt.
  • JOY is the source of my delight.

What have YOU learned on your Journey through Life?  What wisdom could you share that could help make a difference in the life of a young girl, friend, or co-worker?  How about skills or tips to be successful?  What difference has someone made in your life?

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Once a month we will be giving away a free item to help you along your journey in life.  This month our free item is a musical CD recorded and produced by a special lady I absolutely adore: Ms. Cheri Keaggy.

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Thank you for taking this journey with us as we provide Entertainment, Encouragement, and Enlightenment to Enspire others to Lead glorifying lives full of truth, peace, and purpose.  We are here to grow with you, inspire you, and empower you to experience far more than you could ever ask or imagine! So grab your girlfriends, mothers, daughters, and sisters, learn something new, participate, take on a leadership role, make a difference, and make this your home.

Welcome to YOUR Sisterhood!


Lisa is our founder and visionary. In the summer of 2010, she founded the Sisterhood with a heartfelt desire in mind: to see women reach their maximum potential by living for God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30). She is passionate about encouraging women to use their God-given talents for the kingdom.
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3 Responses

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Sisterhood site grow like wildfire and impact many people in a positive way!

  2. Nicole Wolfe says:

    What I’ve come to realize and would like to share with others is that no matter what circumstance you are in, or job you are currently working, to keep your eyes focused on the “eternal”. Remember that your bigger picture is to do Kingdom work, so you might be a receptionist, waitress, or CEO..beyond all that (those things that you cannot take with you) you are planting eternal seeds for others. You may never see the impact you have on other people but you are and you WILL and it will be forever an eternal footprint!

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