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The Sisterhood was inspired by the lives of a number of extraordinary women who share a desire to encourage other women and girls on their journey through life and faith.

The Issue

Over the years we’ve seen beautiful and very special young girls and women whose lives were destroyed because they have been deceived, depressed, or disillusioned by the world and their social experiences around them. In the end friendships were tainted, marriages were broken, families torn apart, and sometimes their own personal lives were taken because of their distress. But we know there is a better way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ENSPIRE women and girls to LEAD glorifying lives full of TRUTH, PEACE, and PURPOSE through the use of ENTERTAINMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT, and ENLIGHTENMENT.

The meaning and goal of Enspire is to nurture, inspire, and empower others to positive action through the use of Entertainment, Encouragement, and Enlightenment.

In the end we know this results in an abundant, influential, and power packed life.

What We Do

The Sisterhood is an online and interpersonal community where women and girls connect, enspire, and mentor others with their gifts, talents, and skills and help each other lead glorifying lives personally, spiritually, and professionally.

The Sisterhood is committed to providing a fountain of inspiring and encouraging content, practical resources, and effective mentoring that nurtures one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength and gives HOPE to all who visit.

Our Vision

We envision making an eternal difference.

We envision a transformative revival in a community without geographic borders, where we are bonded by the common factors of faith, family, heartache, and hope.

We envision women collaborating and forming local Sisterhood communities on a local, national and global scale to help equip and encourage those in their sphere of influence.

We envision connecting people:

  • Personally, spiritually, and professionally
  • Locally and Globally
  • With enspiring, encouraging, and transforming truth
  • In healthy friendships
  • With mentors in their fields of profession
  • In a personal relationship with God (by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone)
  • In churches where they can grow fully and inspire others to do the same

Our Goals

  • Provide a place where women and girls can meet, share, be honest and vulnerable but never judged; supported in prayer, solidarity, and friendship.
  • Encourage women and girls to enjoy each other’s unique qualities and use their gifts, talents, and skills to make a positive impact in those around them.
  • Reach women and girls with messages that touch their heart, soul, and mind, give them strength to lead healthy lives, and reclaim the family, championing the best design for solid marriages and LOVE centered homes, communities, and businesses.

Our Core Values

  • Love and serve with mercy
  • Encourage with hope and confidence
  • Admonish with grace, truth, and authenticity
  • Disciple purposefully

Our Passion

Connecting Real Women with Real Hope

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