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Ask Donna






A Word from Donna, MA, LPC, NCC

As someone who loves to experience life to the fullest, I understand that from time to time we all face problems that if left unaddressed could negatively affect other areas of our lives.

Do you need advice on a relationship?

Are you having difficulty with a co-worker or friend?

Are you a parent needing encouragement?

Maybe you feel stuck in your Faith?

Do you wonder if you or someone you love drinks too much?

Do you need more balance and boundaries in your life?

Ask Donna is a column intended to offer godly words of wisdom, encouragement and counsel through what might be a tough situation.  The column is only intended to give you a starting point to help you move forward in dealing with the problem.  My promise to you is that I will never judge you for whatever you are going through and I will always pray before offering a response.  I will be honored to share in your healing and give all the glory to HIM! – Donna

Ask Donna Guidelines.

You may submit one question per month that is 50 words or less.  Donna will choose to answer up to two questions per week from subscribers.  Answers will be posted weekly on Tuesday mornings.

Please submit your question with your identifying namer tag (ie. Pulling Hair Out Mom, Tired Teenager, Miserable Wife), state you live in, and age.  You can be assured we will not reveal your email address or full name/identity.  We do, however, want others to know you are a REAL woman or girl.  Your questions are the same for millions elsewhere and they too would benefit from your willingness to ask for help.  We are here for you!

Have a question for Donna to answer? Simply fill out the form below:

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