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Recipe to Keep Your Heart in Check

Posted on: November 27th, 2012 by Sara VanWychen No Comments

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Oh, the desires of one’s heart. We all have them. But when our desires become our main focus, and we live our lives solely based on them, it can be dangerous, especially when they are of this world.

In the past I’ve made decisions based on MY desires – my wants, my needs.

A good friend once told me a couple of years ago, “All I hear you say is…me, me, ME!!”

I’ve been known to be quite selfish and a little obsessive.  My marriage was in jeopardy and with two small children, I became focused on getting out and showing the world how independent I could be.

Thankfully, God had a different plan for my family.  He fired up the Holy Spirit in my heart, and now I have a really hard time living this life for myself.  Truth is, it isn’t all about me anymore and I am so thankful for that.  Life is so much simpler letting God take care of it all.  When I do revert back and lose my focus, God’s got that covered too!  God is at the center of my family’s lives and we are constantly seeking out His guidance and way for us. (more…)

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