Coming soon!

Wherever you live, The Sisterhood community seeks to support you in your journey through life, as a woman, girl, friend, mother, daughter, a business leader, or Bible study teacher.  We envision the Sisterhood Community would be a place where we could connect for guidance, support, and just plain ol fun!

It’s our deep desire to see you plugged into a strong support network, made up of at least an older mentor, friends, those you lead, all founded on godly principles, so you can help each other lead fulfilling and glorifying lives for the Lord.

We envision these groups growing into various community networks, such as writing clubs, book clubs, families of adopted children, coaches of school sports, their teams, etc. Whatever the Lord provides, directs, and you need.

The Sisterhood believes not in just growing large but growing out.   We believe in FACE 2 FACE contact where REAL connections are made one on one in small groups over a lifetime, and especially in God’s Word. We believe this is where the investment pays off and REAL differences are made in your life and others you have influence over.

Envision a neighborhood where you can connect, plan, pray, help, serve, laugh, and seek counsel.

Envision a 21st century tool being used to its fullest potential.

Envision YOUR Community….Coming Soon to a neighborhood near you!

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