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Enspire is a free weekly publication based on a monthly theme written by various contributors from different seasons of life who seek to collectively enspire others with their kaleidoscope of gifts, talents, and skills.

The meaning and goal of Enspire is to nurture, inspire, and empower others to positive action through the use of entertainment, encouragement, and enlightenment.

We are always seeking contributions of any type that support our mission:

Enspiring others to lead glorifying lives full of truth, peace, and purpose

We are committed to providing a user friendly, dynamic platform and engaging interpersonal space where there is a continual flow of inspiring and encouraging content, practical resources, and effective mentoring that nurtures one’s heart, soul, mind, and strength and gives HOPE to all who visit.

Your personal contribution to this mission gives us HOPE that together we can make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we connect with.



  • Please submit content for our Monthly Themes or we do take your original suggested articles too!  Any submissions not coinciding with our theme calendar will be reviewed and may be placed in our Special or Hot Topic categories.
  • Browse our website and click on the Enspire blog for sample articles.  Read past postings of Enspire to familiarize yourself with the kinds of articles we publish. (However, don’t be afraid to submit something just because it’s different from anything we have published before).
  • We are interested in any type of inspiring and practical material that:
    •  Supports the theme of the month
    • Positively impacts individuals personally, spiritually, and professionally
    • Includes but is not limited to art in the form of pictures, music, videos, and poetry, as well as written or video content
    • Embeds helpful tips and teachable concepts in the following categories:
    • Faith
    • Family
    • Friendships
    • Fashion
    • Fitness
    • Fun
    • Finance
    • Foreign Affairs
    • News
    • Your personal Field of study/operation/profession
  • We do accept short submissions of thought provoking quotes and biblical passages for our “Words of Wisdom” section as well as pop surveys for our “Sisters Speak” app.
  • Please watch the length of your submission. Suggested article length is between 500 and 1000 words. If you have a longer piece, consider dividing into Part I and Part II. Each segment must stand-alone.
  • Content submitted to The Sisterhood’s website and the Enspire platform automatically grants said company the right to utilize the material in any manner said company sees fit.  All work submitted would be treated with the utmost respect and honor.  It is our desire to promote and uplift the author’s work, image, and likeness, and expose them in a positive fashion and ultimately bring support where needed and glory to God.
  • It is our expectation that you would participate in engaging and responding to your readers comments in support and encouragement of them within the website.
  • According to Michael Hyatt, you should read, the following to maximize an effective post:


  • We reserve the right to edit all contributions for style, clarity and length.
  • Any substantial changes will be returned for proper approval before posting.
  • We reserve the right to include a short introduction or conclusion to your post to provide proper context or rationale as to why the work is important and how it ties into the theme of the month.  Enspire comments will be set off stylistically so there is a clear distinction between Enspire and the author’s work.


  • Work you submit under your name must be your original and not published in Web or in print anywhere else.  You must have full rights to use and distribute the content.  Any time your work includes links, ideas, or content that is not your own, you must give full credit to the primary author(s).
  • At this time, contributors who submit their original work and are approved for use on Enspire and The Sisterhood are not paid and agree not to publish accepted material anywhere else either on the Web or in print for one year from date of publishing.
  • You can post a brief “teaser” on your personal website that links to the Enspire url where your work is displayed.
  • Please provide a brief bio that includes your name and title/description of who you are.
  • You may provide up to 4 byline links: one for your personal website address, one for your bio or About page, one for your Facebook, Twitter username, and/or LinkedIn account, and one for any literary or art work you have published.
  • Your post cannot be an advertisement for your product or service.  There are other options available for advertisers.  Please contact Lisa Van Wyk for further information.
  • Please submit your work in a friendly file format and web appropriate file size that can be easily edited if needed.  If you are not sure what this means, please ask a tech savvy friend.
  • Use the Enspire Template to send in your submission.
  • Photo headshots of contributors are encouraged at this time, as we are looking for regular contributors.   Our readers like to place a face to a name.


  • Use The Sisterhood’s Enspire template to send in your submission.  Please utilize as many of the sections as you are able.  Some sections may not apply if you are submitting audio, visual, or video material.
  • Submit your work via e-mail to Enspire (either attached in a Word document or pasted into the body of the message). Please submit one article at a time.
  • All content is due two months prior to the monthly theme’s posting.  Send seasonal or holiday content at least three months in advance.
  • You can expect a response within two weeks (sometimes longer depending on our submissions) letting you know whether we will accept or utilize your work or not.
  • If you use Scripture quotations, please indicate which Bible version is used in the copy of your article.
  • Upon selection of your article or work, you immediately grant said company permission to use content in various media publications in order to promote all facets of our ministry, including, but not limited to, The Sisterhood website, Enspire blog and quarterly Enspire newsletter.
  • Submission of your work does not automatically obligate said company to publish it.  Work that is a clear contradiction to the mission, vision, and values of said company will not be published.
  • Exercise patience.  Each article posting is produced a couple of months before it reaches your inbox, and newsletter publications are taking shape a few months before that.


The Sisterhood or Enspire does not own the copyright to newsletter articles or weekly posts submitted by contributors.  If you see an article, devotion or work of art you would like to reprint, please contact the author directly for reprint permission. Please explain to them how you plan on using the material.

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